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  • Organize your Tasks by Topic

    Organize your Tasks by Topic

    So many things to do, so little time to do them. But life becomes a bit less overwhelming when all its tasks and responsibilities are written down in some sort of order.

    Consider keeping separate to-do lists for various activities such as a work list and a home/family list, or a short-term and a long-term list. Other options are shopping, personal workout, topics to research, and so on.

    Giving each topic a separate list prevents the places to visit from getting lost on a page full of reminders like "clean the car" and "make dentist appointment."

    To avoid endless to-do lists, aim for less than 15 to maintain your focus and better prioritize the tasks that truly matter. Focus on early due dates, don’t postpone difficult chores, and try to finish at least one task daily.

    August 19, 2019
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