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  • About writingAlejandra Pizarnik

    "Writing is like a river that flows through me. Sometimes, I have to struggle to contain it, and other times I am overwhelmed by the current. But I am always moving, always creating.

    Writing is my way of exploring the world, of exploring myself. It is my way of shaping the emotions that torment me, of making them more manageable. Sometimes, I feel like I am baring my soul to the world, exposing my darkest and deepest thoughts.

    But I cannot help it. Writing is a necessity for me, like breathing or eating. It is something I just have to do, even if it sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.

    Sometimes, I worry that writing is all I have, that I have nothing else to offer the world. But then I remember that writing is my way of communicating with the world, of sharing my thoughts and feelings with others. And so I keep writing, letting myself be carried by the current of the river, exploring the mysteries of my mind and my heart."


    Excerpt from Alejandra Pizarnik diary.

    March 5, 2023