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  • FriendshipMax Aub

    "Friendship is one of the most valuable things a human being can have in life. It is a bond that is woven between two people, a bond that goes beyond blood or family. Friendship is built on trust, respect, affection, and loyalty.

    I have been fortunate to have great friends throughout my life, friends who have accompanied me in good times and bad, who have been by my side in the most difficult moments, and who have helped me to keep going.

    Friendship is also a source of inspiration and support in life. My friends have encouraged me to keep writing, to not give up in the face of difficulties, and to stay true to my principles and values.

    But I also know that friendship is not something that can be taken for granted, but rather something that must be constantly cultivated and cared for. Friendship requires time, effort, and commitment from both sides. Sometimes, distance or life circumstances can separate us from our friends, but there are always ways to keep the bond alive, whether through letters, phone calls, or, in these modern times, through social media.

    In short, friendship is a treasure that must always be valued and cared for. In moments of solitude or sadness, our friends can be the balm that helps us regain joy and hope in life."


    Excerpt from The diary of Max Aub.

    April 1, 2023